Congratulations To Our Winner!

Congratulation Kristin from Must Have! You won a free jar of our Tea Tree And Honey Clarifying Mask. We hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget that everyone can still use code LLBB2S until Aug 20th to get $1.00 off your purchase at my Etsy store while supplies last!


Organic Beauty Giveaway!

I have decided that when a new product has been for sell for a month I will do a Giveaway! The response to my Honey Facial Masks has been wonderful especially here locally. But I know that for my non-local customers it can hard to buy something that you can’t see in person so here is your chance to get it for free!

What to do? Subscribe to this blog and then leave a comment with your name, email, and tell us which mask you would like and why. If you are new to Laurel Leaf Botanicals the previous post talks about all my Honey Facial Masks or you can go to my store and look there.

The Giveaway will end at 2PM Central Time on Thursday the 15th Aug. and I will announce the winner later that night on my blog and Facebook page. Good Luck everyone!

Honey Facial Masks

Honey has been revered since ancient times, not just for taste but for its healing properties as well. Known as liquid gold honey will protect, rejuvenate, moisturize and soften the skin so it will look and feel healthy. Honey is perfect for all skin types, from dry to acne prone, being a moisturizer and acting as an antibacterial substance. When mixed with essential oils honey becomes a very potent facial mask.

This was the inspiration for our Honey Facial Masks; Laurel Leaf Botanicals offers three different mask for three different skin concerns:

Lavender And Honey Calming Facial Mask

Mixed with Organic Lavender Essential Oil this facial mask is not only calming spiritually but calms irritated red skin while healing at the same time. With a sweet honey herbal floral smell, you might be too relaxed to wash it off.

Tea Tree And Honey Clarifying Facial Mask

Mixed with Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil this facial mask helps with acne while healing at the same time. With a sweet honey herbal smell, makes a wonderful gift for teenagers.

Peppermint And Honey Awakening Facial Mask

Mixed with Organic Peppermint Essential Oil this facial mask wakes up tired dull skin while healing at the same time. With a sweet honey peppermint smell, you just might be tempted to eat it!

Each Mask is made with Organic Essential Oils and Local Wildflower Honey, good for your skin while using what nature has to offer without the additives or pesticides. Each jar holds enough for 10 masks and cost $6 each.

Our Tea Tree And Honey Clarifying Facial Mask is our top seller and when one of my teenage customers asked for a discount because he wanted a jar in time for the school year we’ve decided to offer a $1.00 off discount on everything while supplies last until Aug 20th. Use code LLBB2S when you order!

The Beginning…

Where do I begin? Well, when I was in my early teens a movie came out called “Practical Magic” and in that movie there was a scene where Sally is unpacking bottles of all natural bath and body products for her store. I already loved spending time outside, working in the garden or exploring the woods. To make products with ingredients found in nature was appealing to me. That scene stayed with me through my teens and into my twenties.

I never did anything about it until 2010 when I became pregnant with our first child. That winter I started making my own lip balms, I use that stuff religiously because I just cannot seem to stop licking my lips which puts me in a state of chronic chapped skin. But I never tried to sell them, just gave them out for the holidays, and didn’t make any more after all were gone.

At the beginning of this year I made more lip balm and opened up an Etsy account after my husband’s encouragement. But still I didn’t go anywhere with it. I had ideas and plans but not the motivation. Then at the end of April into May my 20 month old daughter ended up in Children’s Hospital after a horrific incident at her daycare. It was a devastating time in our lives. She was terrified of anyone who wasn’t a close family member and she still is but not to such a degree as before.

Two weeks later I was let go from my job which was another blow but my husband convinced me to look on the bright side and focus on our daughter and my brand, on making that dream come true.

So here I am, with only a few items but big dreams!